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BMPS Moving Sale


Limited time left in this first come, first serve sale. Lots of inventory remaining! Stock up on the spare parts you need.


Everything Must Go!

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic parts
  • Transformers, disconnects and electrical parts
  • Heater bands, mould parts, clamps
  • Tools, shop and rigging supplies
  • Blowmoulding screws, barrels, heads and gearboxes


We are offering a 25% discount on stock granulators, vacuum pumps, dryers and aluminum resin piping.


Call (905) 738 5540 to set up an appointment or email us at sales@bmps.ca

Liquidation of Corma Pipe Extrusion Lines, Blow & Injection Moulding Machinery

BMPS has a variety of miscellaneous equipment specials:

  •   4-1/, 24 to 1, 150 hp extrusion line with Corma 1000 Corrugator producing 4, 6, 8 & 10" pipe.
  •  400 Corrugator for 4" pipe, Impco B 30 & B 13 with moulds for corrugated tee's, 90' & fittings.
  •  4-1/2, 24 to 1, 150 hp pipe, profile extrusion line and pelletizing line.
  •  2000 75 lb, 1993 35 lb shot Cincinnati's blow moulder with product lines and moulds.
  • Kawaguchi, Newbury & Negri Bossi injection moulding machines.
  • Machine shop, compressors, chillers, silo's, gravimetric blenders, 40 to 100 hp granulators, lift trucks, cranes, punch press, deflashers, and a cement plant.

We are looking for a partner to blow mould certain product lines. 

Please give us a call at (905) 738-5540  or if interested send us an email at sales@bmps.ca